Arvolution + Inventories

Have a full control of your inventories, traceability, turnover and unit costs. All in the cloud and enhanced for Industry 4.0

Arvolution + Industry 4.0

Transition to Industry 4.0 with emergent technologies. Get a paperless factory.

Arvolution + VR Training

Enhance people training through VR.

Arvolution + Inventories provides greater visibility and control over raw materials and finished goods in plants. In addition, inventory records identify the physical locations within the warehouse in which the products are located.

Why use Arvolution + Inventories?

Contextual data enhances decision-making

Complete track of your inventory

Record the inputs and outputs of your warehouse

Trace the location of your products in the warehouse

The systems adapts to your inventory features

Autonomous functionality and adaptability to other systems

Provide your workforce with better information, more understanding, and more empowerment to amplify their expertise. Drive their work on the shop floor, in the field, or on job sites by delivering contextual information to workers without requiring a screen. Increase product and service quality, worker productivity and throughput.

Why use Arvolution + Industry 4.0?

Detecting issues immediately allows risk minimization and cost saving

Augmented Reality displays step by step procedures to give maintenance to equipment and machinery

Quality assurance allows waste savings which reduces factory expenses

Contextual and updated data enhances decision-making

This solution is industry-compliant and applicable in any type of factory

Smart devices allow people to see and analyze real-time information in the factory

Reinvent your workforce experience and empower your people to improve, and have the opportunity for advancement and success. Combine technology and innovation with a commitment to training, skill development, and lifelong learning.

Why use Arvolution + VR Training?

Virtual Reality allows to screen and accelerate the learning curve of the workforce

Avoid risk thanks to realistic training scenarios that substitute real-life danger

Virtuality Reality allows cost and time reduction in workforce training

Exposure to realistic problems and situations improves the skills and experience

Innovative and enjoyable simulations motivate workers to improve their performance

The VR training software is suitable for different learning styles