Is Augmented Reality really about to revolutionize the fashion world and retail industry?

In a recent interview in Vogue, the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said that ¨in the future, augmented reality will be as important to businesses as a website¨, and although this might seem like a crazy thought, it seems he might be right, as a future without a digital overlay is becoming harder and harder to imagine.

Exploring this idea in the fashion industry, Google did an opinion survey which revealed that 61% of users would prefer to go shopping in shops which have augmented reality. In fact, brands such as Ikea, Anthropologie and Gap, just to mention a few, have already expressed interest in the idea.

And it makes a lot of sense; imagine the surprise on a customer’s face when they stop in front of a ´mirror´ which lets them try on whichever clothes or accessories they might fancy, changing the colour, size or model without even having to continuously undress. The customer experience will be hugely affected and it is sure to drive the growth and profits of the companies that are implementing this technology.

As soon as the big corporations start to incorporate augmented reality into shopping routines, client satisfaction will also improve dramatically. At Arvolution, we believe that it will be a fundamental part of our everyday lives; these kind of changes are going to have an inconceivable influence on boutiques, retail stores, designers, fashionistas, and above all, the customers.

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Source: 4/11/17

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